Friday, March 13th, 2009

Bellingham Stars – the joy of dancing

Bellingham Stars in debut concert

Bellingham Stars in debut concert

Finding balance in dance is about identifying what you like to do best, and then finding the most supportive places to do it. One of the most joyous events I witnessed this past year was in Bellingham — a showcase of Ballroom Dance, performed at U & Me Dance Studios there. For those classically-oriented purists, ballroom dance can be an absolute eye-opener to the truly affirming power of dance.


Living in Italy now, we have not yet found such comfortable, proficient places (although we’ve had a few false starts). I’ve had the best luck with a small dance studio – SAD, just down the street from where I live in Florence. There, the 40-year olds dance on pointe, even the men. It’s a wondrous sight.

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